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Teamwork is Important to Us


Successful teamwork between parents and teachers is a key factor in promoting a well balance classroom. Good communication keeps the ball rolling and creates a successful school year. Day to day contact, phone calls, email, text, notes, newsletters are all great ways to communicate with your familes. Active parental involvement allows the parent to have hands on experience with our daily routines, classroom needs/involvement, field frips and annual events. When parents are active they get a chance to work side by side with the teachers to understand the dynamics of the classroom and see their child's school environment verses their home enviorrnment.  Teamwork is about everybody's contrbution to the successful development of each child. How we communicate and develop a partnership as a team shows our commitment to the children and each other.


Our current parent-teacher projects:

  • Open House
  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Parent Advisory Board
  • Classroom Helpers
  • Classroom Parties
  • Fall Festival
  • Field Trip
  • Holiday Events

We're always grateful for support above and beyond the call of duty.

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